Saturday, July 20, 2019
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Who we serve


The top priority of Techno Specialties, LLC is to become No. 1 in customer satisfaction.  This is a core principle of our management philosophy.

Since our inception in 2000, we have a long list of satisfied customers in several different areas of business.  Below is a list of just "some" of our clients that we have had the priveledge of serving.


 Wireless Tow Lights, Inc.
 Miller Paper & Packaging

Covenant Medical Group

G. Greenstreet Construction

Covenant Health System

Craig Wallace Construction

Gynecologic Oncology Associates

Scarborough Specialties, Inc.

Gage Van Horn & Associates

Carl Isett Congressional Campaign

University Medical Center

A&D Insurance

Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center

Lubbock Sports Medicine

David Hall, M.D.

Catherine Ronaghan, M.D.

Center for Pain Management

Smith & Liggett, PC

 Eastern Medical Associates, (N.M.)

Medical Management Solutions

 Texas Cardiac Center  Bruce Owens, D.O
 Wireless Towlights, Inc  Gage Van Horn Millennium, Ltd.

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