Monday, September 16, 2019
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Polycom IP 321 Phone

Free Polycom SoundPoint IP 321

The Polycom IP 321 is an office phone that delivers superb sound quality and a wide range of supported business telephony features. It has one 10/100 Ethernet port.






Features Standard Premium
Anonymous Call Rejection
Automatic Callback
Basic Call Logs
Call Forwarding (Always, Busy, No Answer, Not Reachable)
Call Pickup
Call Return
Call Transfer
Call Waiting
Calling Line ID Delivery Blocking
Calling Name Retrieval
Calling Party Category
Charge Number
Client Call Control
Customer Originated Trace
Diversion Inhibitor
Do Not Disturb
External Calling Line ID Delivery
Flash Call Hold
Intercept User
Internal Calling Line ID
Last Number Redial
Phone Status Monitoring
Physical Location
Series Completion
Speed Dial 8 and Speed Dial 100
3-Way Calling
Voice Messaging Group Portal
Alternate Numbers
Automatic Hold/Retrieve
Barge-in Exempt
Busy Lamp Field
Call Forwarding Selective
Call Notify
Directed Call Pick Up
Directed Call Pick Up with Barge-in
Duet Assistant Toolbar
Duet Salesforce Integration
Hoteling Host
In Call Service Activation
Multiple Call Arrangement
Music on Hold
N-Way Calling
Outlook Integration
Priority Alert/Ringing
Remote Office
Selective Call Acceptance
Selective Call Rejection
Sequential Ring
Simultaneous Ring - Personal
Shared Call Appearance 5
Shared Call Appearance 10+
Two-Stage Dialing
Voice Portal Calling
Additional Feature Options
Auto Attendant Available Available
Receptionist Available Available

A Low cost, IP phone solutions for single and multi-location business

Easily put hosted voice to work in your organization

 Duet Hosted voice is an enterprise-quality, cloud-based IP phone service that connects all people through the use of one unified phone system. Flexibility and scalability are hallmarks of Duet Hosted. Your geographically-dispersed staff will appreciate the uniformity of user experience built into this MegaPath hosted voice and data service. Everyone in your organization can rely on the same advanced IP business features - on every phone, every location. As business grows and the demands of serving new staff increase, Duet Hosted easily scales to fit your needs.

Advantages you gain by choosing MegaPath Duet Hosted

  • Business and operations cost savings
    With no expensive PBX equipment to lease, purchase or maintain, this system requires minimal upfront capital expense. MegaPath offers a choice of affordable phones, features, and calling plans. By outsourcing your phone system to MegaPath, we handle all the advanced IP features and upgrades, so you never need to worry about technology obsolescence.
  • Voice call quality engineered by network-based Quality of Service (QoS)
    Your crystal clear voice calls are securely delivered, and always prioritized over data communications. Bring-your-own-broadband (BYOB) just doesn't measure up the same way.
  • Assured delivery of your mission-critical business communications.
    MegaPath has the largest broadband reach of any network in North America, and the broadest QoS-enable voice network. The speed, reliability, and security required to deliver 99.999% uptime to you comes from our fully-managed nationwide Virtual Private Network (VPN) with built-in security.
  • Truly turnkey service
    Because voice service is mission-critical, businesses are sometimes not satisfied with "self-install kits". MegaPath Duet Hosted answers that need with professional project management, on-site installation, and on-demand training across a national footprint.
  • One experienced provider, one number to call.
    We are the single source for all your voice and data needs. Reach our friendly, knowledgeable U.S.-based customer service representatives by dialing just one number.


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