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Web Development

Here is a partial list of our projects, case studies and customers. As you can see from the list, we serve a variety of industries and clients.




Multimedia Presentations

  • Catherine Ronaghan, M.D., F.A.C.S - we have developed numerous presentations for Dr. Ronaghan, a surgical oncologist and the Medical Director of the Arrington Comprehensive Breast Center.  Presentations vary from electronic multimedia to 35mm slide shows.  We have incorporated numerous types of medical media into her presentations from CT scan images to X-Rays to photos of her children.

More coming soon! - Sales Executive Association of Lubbock


The Sales Executive Association of Lubbock wanted a website which would allow them to effectively communicate important events and announcements to their membership.  They also wished to promote the organization to the Lubbock community.  We built a site for them that accomplished both of these things.  The members only section of the site, provides access to discussion lists, contact lists, etc. - Dr. David Hall, M.D.


Dr. Hall needed a way to promote his website more effectively.  He was already gaining some referrals from his site when he came to us. We took that and skyrocketed his exposure!  We re-designed and re-organized his site from the ground up.  In addition we optimized the site for search engine placement and launched an ad campaign online.  He now is drowning in referrals and interest in his bariatric surgical program.  According to the site's access logs, it is one of the most visited websites in this booming healthcare category.




Gynecologic Oncology Associates


Dr's Phillips and Richards needed a way to do basic marketing of their practice online.  They also will be using the site to distribute patient forms and literature.  In the near future the site will gain much more functionality, such as allowing patients to pre-register online and submit prescription refill requests.  They also hope to someday allow patient scheduling to be viewed and used online.



Center for Pain Management


Dr. Michel Oliva needed a website to both market his practice and communicate with his patients.  We built a site designed to facilitate communication between the office staff and existing patients.  It is also used to allow new or prospective clients a means to fill out necessary forms prior to their visit to the clinic.  Future additions will include online prescription refill requests.




Covenant Medical Group


Covenant Medical Group (CMG) is one of the Southwestern United State's largest physician groups.  They have over 250 physicians practicing in over 25 specialties in West Texas and Eastern New Mexico.  CMG needed to break into the internet marketplace without necessarily going into the e-healthcare business.  They wanted to provide their patients a tool to find information about their physicians and clinics without dedicating a staff to maintaining the content on the website.


Techno Specialties developed a website which accomplished just that.  The site provides information about the group, the clinic locations and new events.  CMG didn't want just a static brochure on the internet, they wanted the site to be interactive and useful.  We integrated a database driven physician directory into the site, so that patients could search for a physician by specialty, city or name.  Once located, the patient is able to view a mini photo of the physician and a brief profile.


Lastly, they wanted a site that could be used for internal communications to their physicians and administrators that are scattered over a 62 county service area.  We built a database driven, password protected sub web that is used for this purpose.  The secure site allows for multiple levels of access among authorized visitors.



CMG wanted a new look for the new year in 2002

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TTUHSC / University Medical Center


When University Medical Center and Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center wanted to begin promoting their bariatric surgery program to the Internet community, they turned to Techno Specialties.


The website,, is an extremely effective marketing tool that generates as many as 15 qualified patient inquiries a day to the surgical weight loss program.


They wanted a site that would allow patients to submit insurance information online for pre-certification purposes.  We built a solution that captures and stores information into a database while simultaneously dispersing it to the practice manager and personnel for processing.  Additionally, the site allows interested patients to opt into an e-mail list for dissemination of literature.



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Covenant Corporate Wellness Services


Covenant Health System's Corporate Wellness department needed a website to promote their services to businesses in Lubbock and the surrounding region.


They turned to us to build a site that would both be a source of information to their potential clients and a source of forms for their existing clients.


They wanted a simple yet functional site that matched their existing corporate identity.  We provided that and are continuing to add functionality and content to the site.


Like the Covenant Medical Group website, this site also includes a password protected area for members only access. This area is used by the hospital admitting department to communicate back and forth with the managed care department.  It ultimately will increase profitability by maximizing the efficiency and accuracy of managed care contract information.


New Look for 2002 (above)



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We created a simple site for the marketing needs of Denver City's state-of-the-art rubber recycling facility.  They needed a way to get there contact information to potential buyers of their recycled rubber products.


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Covenant Health System's EBT Program


Covenant Health System's EBT department needed a website to promote their services to physicians and consumers in Lubbock and the surrounding region.


They turned to us to build a site that would both be a source of information to their potential clients and a technical resource for referring physicians.


They wanted a simple yet functional site that matched their existing corporate identity.  We provided that and are continuing to add functionality and content to the site.


The site will be used to schedule appointments for the procedure by both referring physicians and clients.


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G Greenstreet, Inc. Commercial Construction


G. Greenstreet, Inc. wanted a way to enhance their growing construction company's image and give the company an online identity.


TechnoSpecialties was able to work with G. Greenstreet, Inc to develop a simple website that was consistent with their current marketing materials, while allowing the to expand their modern professionalism by having their own domain for email correspondence. The site allows them to better collaborate with architectural firms and clients by sharing larger files and profiling more of their work than would fit into a brochure.


In addition to developing the site for them, we coordinated the installation and distribution of a high bandwidth internet connection for their 10 person office. 


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Gage Van Horn & Associates


Gage Van Horn & Associates is a wholesale office fulfillment business.  In their 8 locations, they sell custom office forms, office furniture, filing systems office supplies and more to large corporate clients.


Techno Specialties created an online presence for Gage Van Horn which allows them to provide information to customers about some of their many products.  The site also displays the various warehouse and branch locations and the associated contacts for the branch stores.


We recently developed a second phase site implementation that includes online ordering capabilities for Gage Van Horn's corporate clients.



Gage Van Horn Millennium Distribution, Ltd

Gage Van Horn Millennium Distribution, Ltd. needed a web portal developed to accommodate the ordering needs of United Supermarkets, Inc., one of the Southwest's largest grocery store chains.  We built a complete portal solution that allows departmental specific news and ordering for all of the United stores and also ties directly to the GVHM backend accounting system.




Chimy's Cerveceria


Chimy's a local Lubbock hotspot & restaurant needed a website that could be easily managed by their staff and could be easily used to market their branded merchandise.  We created a simple website for them that has a robust content management system.  The Chimy's staff can completely manage the content on their site without paying a dime to any web developers to make changes.





Catholic Medical Association of Lubbock

Catholic Medical Association of Lubbock needed a website where prospective members could come to find information and existing members could find membership documents such as meeting minutes, etc.  The site is split into a general site for marketing information and a "members only" site that is secure and used to disseminate confidential information.



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